IOR Insight delivers actionable intelligence through four independent yet complimentary modules. Altogether, each module enables greater depth in visibility and understanding of business processes, data usage, and actionable risk intelligence.


Data Inventory Manager

How well do you know your data? What is it and where is it? Who owns it? Is it classified? Do you know how it should be tagged/labeled? IOR Insight automates the collection of this information from data owners and other business partners and then automatically generates critical business process steps for analysis.

Business Process Manager

Your business processes will be visible, searchable, and manageable in IOR Insight. Data protection teams gain the analytics to understand what processes create data protection problems and be empowered to work with your business to design secure business processes. 

Risk Intelligence Manager

Make use of IOR Insight's knowledge of your data usage by automatically mining for violations against your policies for both data handling AND security controls on systems and vendors. IOR will automatically recalculate risks as your policies, processes, data and your classification policies change over time.

Intelligent Data Protection

  • Automation of intelligence gathering

  • Simplified PCI/HIPAA/GDPR analytics

  • Delegated Collaboration with your business

  • Auditable management of data risk

Unify Efforts and Take Action to Protect Data

IOR Insight provides actionable intelligence in ways that manual efforts, alone, cannot provide today. 


What don't you know?

 IOR intersects data flow, assets, vendors, data classification - even security attributes and policies.


What questions need answers?

What questions need answers? Integrated management dashboard and analytics summarize and pinpoint information you need.


How do you move forward?

How do you move forward? The risk register and analytics tie business context to risks that can be assigned, tracked and managed

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